Ticket for the Event: 9.12 Sake & Single Origin Dark Chocolate Pairing

Ticket for the Event: 9.12 Sake & Single Origin Dark Chocolate Pairing

The small batch project
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Pairing sake & single origin dark chocolate from around the world

In this workshop, we will travel to Japan to learn about sake and how to pair it with dark single origin chocolate from all over the world.

  • Sample a range of carefully selected sake and immerse yourself in the complexity of taste. How do raw materials, brewing, processing, and aging affect the flavor profile?
  • How does chocolate from different origins taste and how many different aromas and tasting notes can you find?
  • Hear stories about innovative chocolate makers and what is necessary for cacao to grow sustainably.
  • Have fun in a small, friendly group guided by Arline Lyons, Sake sommelier, and Andrea Thurner, certified chocolate taster.

    To prepare:

    • On the day of the tasting, avoid any strong smells such as perfume, cologne, or strongly scented hair/body products as they may affect your sense of smell.
    • Also avoid strong tastes such as tobacco, coffee, or spices just before the tasting
    • Other than that, just bring yourself and any questions you have about sake and chocolate!


    • Participants must be at least 18 years old.
    • The tasting lasts approximately 2 hours and is in English

    Corona Note:

    The room is very spacious and leaves plenty of space between participants. All safety and hygiene measures will be taken

    We know that we live in times of high uncertainty. In case this event should not be possible to be carried out we guarantee a full refund.



    Seefeldstrasse 19
    8008 Zürich

    Contact: Andrea Thurner andrea@thesmallbatchproject.ch 076 200 49 25

     A joint collaboration with Discover Sake