Taza Chocolate Disc Guajillo Chili 50%

Taza Chocolate Disc Guajillo Chili 50%

Taza Chocolate
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Coarsely ground dark chocolate in round slices in Mexican style with chilli powder for the extra experience. This is a grainy and rough chocolate! Two slices in each pack, perfect for sharing with someone, or create a hot chocolate with one.

Taza chocolate is famous for their coarsly ground cacao, making all their chocolate bars a unique experience.

Origin manufacturer: Sommerville near Boston, Massachussets, USA

Flavors: Grainy and rough, spicy

Ingredients: Cane sugar, 50% cocoa beans, chili powder

Contains traces of almonds, cashew nuts, coconuts, hazelnuts and peakan nuts

Direct Trade Certified, Gluten Free, Vegan, GMO Free