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Taucherli Bean to bar Mexico 70% Light Brown

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Taucherli Mexico 70% Light Brown is made from a Mexican white Criollo cocoa bean. It comes from the Finca la Rioja in Cacahoatán what a name! Chiapas, which means place of cocoa in the old Toltec language. Although it only contains cocoa and sugar, it looks like milk chocolate with a reddish note.Note.

Origin manufacturer: Adliswil, Switzerland

Single Origin Cocoa Beans: Finca la Rioja, Chiapas, Mexico

Variety: Criollo

Flavors: Initially, there is a pleasant, light fruit acidity that gradually disappears, tart and nutty notes emerge in the undertones, possibly peakan or peanut, a touch of toffee, fine wood notes and memories of the forest.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, Sugar, cocoa butter

Cocoa content: 70% at least.