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Hazel Lee

Taste with color taste card

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"Taste with Color" - created by Hazel Lee translated into German by us.

The Chocolate Flavor Map is a simple and accessible tool that allows people to discover flavors with color.

When tasting fine chocolate, Hazel sometimes struggled to find the words for the flavors she was experiencing. She saw a color in her head associated with chocolate, but she couldn't always name the specific flavors.

Hazel created "Taste With Color" to match the colors she sees in her head with 111 different flavors that she has often found in tastings of fine chocolate. This association of color and taste is an example of synesthesia: a phenomenon in which a sense, such as taste, is simultaneously perceived by an additional sense, such as sight.

Since July 2017 "Taste with Color" has been sold in over 30 countries and has been translated into Dutch, Portuguese, Thai and German.

Printed on high quality textured 260 g / m² paper,

In a watercolor design, protected by a resealable A3 cellophane bag.

Size: 42 x 29.7 cm approximately A33)

Will be delivered without chocolate; -)