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Svenska Kakaobolaget

Svenska Kakaobolaget Kardemumma 71%

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A dark chocolate with warm, aromatic cardamom

Cardamom is a Swedish thing. They use it to flavor their cookies and baked goods, as well as the ultimate fika essential cardamom buns. And what does "fika" google it. It's a very Swedish concept. For this chocolate they mix an aromatic cardamom with cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic..

Öko-Caribe is a well-known cooperative in the Duarte province. They buy wet cocoa from surrounding farmers and ferment it centrally. Öko-Caribe has a close relationship with the 165 farmers in the area, and also provides training on agronomic issues and organic certification. In addition, the owners support the farmers with small loans for emergencies in the family or other needs in the community. Learn more about Eco caribe.

Origin manufacturer: Sweden

Single Origin Cocoa Beans: Eco caribe, Dominican Republic

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar, cardamom

May contain traces of nuts and milk