Sade Chocolat Ancestral Noisettes Sarrasin

Sadé Chocolat Ancestral Noisettes, Sarrasin & Orange 60%

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With Sadé Chocolat Ancestral, Suzan Inan would like to show us a rough, coarse-grained chocolate that was only minimally processed, completely handmade, just as the Mayas and Aztecs processed their food of the gods. Every step in this time-consuming process of turning cocoa beans into chocolate is done by hand by Suzan.

Their chocolate bars with hazelnuts, buckwheat and oranges pays homage to the ingenuity of Chocophiles in times of economic crisis. Inspired by two historical moments when it was necessary to find alternatives to cocoa that had become inaccessible, her chocolate bar combines two delicious ideas that in their day filled hard life with a little chocolaty sweetness. Hazelnuts became a key ingredient thanks to the Turin chocolate makers, who they viewed as a local and affordable substitute for cocoa, which was no longer available due to the continental blockade in the 19th century. Buckwheat, for its part, was used in the 1976 crisis when chocolate was in short supply. The only chocolate factory in Estonia had the idea of replacing cocoa with "kama". A mixture of toasted flour that farmers mix with milk for a hearty snack. The creamy hazelnuts and crispy buckwheat are enhanced by the fruitiness of the orange.

To enjoy in times of crisis, but not only!

Origin chocolate maker: Veyrier, Switzerland

Single Origin Cocoa Beans: Antioquia, Colombia

Tasting experience: Rough and grainy, intense

Processing: Hand-ground

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, hazelnut, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, buckwheat, oranges.

Cocoa content: min. 60%