Sade Amandes & Avoinde

Sadé Chocolat Ancestral Amandes & Avoine 60%

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With Sadé Chocolat Ancestral, Suzan Inan would like to show us a rough, coarse-grained chocolate that was only minimally processed, completely handmade, just as the Mayas and Aztecs processed their food of the gods. Every step in this time-consuming process of turning cocoa beans into chocolate is done by hand by Suzan.

A coarse-grained and rough chocolate, without milk or processed products.

The almonds and oats are cold ground with the cocoa beans together with the cocoa beans. This results in a coarse-grained and rough chocolate with a rich and crispy texture. This is Sadé's proposal for a natural alternative to chocolate with powdered milk or other vegetable fats.

Origin chocolate maker: Veyrier, Switzerland

Single Origin Cocoa Beans: Antioquia, Colombia

Tasting experience: Rough and grainy, intense

Processing: Hand-ground

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, almonds, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, sweet oats.

Cocoa content: min. 60%