Orfève Noir de Noir Gran Blanco del Alto Piura 75% dunkle Schweizer Schokolade

Orfève Noir de Noir Gran Blanco del Alto Piura 75%

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Orfève makes 100% of its chocolate bars origin-specific in order to do justice to the value of the rarest and most valuable cocoa varieties. The result is a unique and authentic Swiss chocolate with no additives.

Considered one of the origins of wild cocoa, Peru has preserved a rich heritage of native varieties, including the famous Gran Blanco cocoa with white beans. This white cocoa was rediscovered in 2008 and has since been considered one of the finest in the world. It is grown in the Alto Piura Valley in the northwest of the country. This Gran Blanco cocoa comes from a cooperative of small producers whose plantations are below 800 meters. Here, the strictest rules for ecologically sustainable cultivation are observed.

This terroir is characterized by a wonderful freshness and a delicate fruity acidity, which is supported by spicy and woody notes. Extra fine Swiss dark chocolate.

Origin chocolate maker: Geneva, Switzerland

Single Origin Cocoa Beans: Región de Piura, Peru

Cocoa beans: Gran Blanco

Harvest: 2018

Conched: 70h

Roasting: 50 minutes at 105°C

Tasting notes: Sparkling. Fine fruit acid with a background of apricot, spices, sandalwood and juniper

Ingredients: Cocoa beans and cocoa butter 75%, raw cane sugar, cane sugar

Cocoa content: min. 75%

Soy-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and free of nuts.