Menakao 100% Schokolade mit Kakao Nibs

Menakao 100% Dark Chocolate Bar & Cocoa Nibs

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A very dark chocolate bar with intense cocoa notes, strong and unafraid. While the cocoa mass melts, the aromas are released quickly, in the background we discover the fruity notes that are typical of Malagasy cocoa. The crispy cocoa nibs give a rustic touch and dance wonderfully with the red fruit notes of the chocolate.

The picture shows the portrait of a Betsimisaraka man: They live between Mananjary and Vohémar and form the largest group on the east coast of Madagascar, a region with tropical rainfall, dense forest and lush vegetation. These happy people love the collective dance, which is characterized by swaying hips and a slowness in rhythm that is reminiscent of the Polynesian dances.

Origin chocolate maker: Madagascar

Single-origin cacao beans: Madagascar

Flavors: Strong, intense, red fruits

Ingredients: Caco beans and cocoa nibs from Madagascar.

May contain traces of nuts and milk proteins.

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