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la flor rio sinu colombia 75%

La Flor Rio Sinu Colombia by Sail Freight 75%

La Flor Zürich Chocolatier
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Rio Sinu is a Colombian cooperative. More than 100 small farmers work with the country's autochthonous varieties.

The beans are fermented and dried in the cooperative's fermentation center. The cocoa is shipped to Europe on the “Tres Hombres” sailing ship. In Zurich it is roasted, conched and made into a finished chocolate bar at La Flor.

Origin manufacturer: Zurich, Switzerland

Single Origin Cocoa Beans: Rio Sinu, Colombia

Flavors: Floral with notes of red berries and caramel.

Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar,* cocoa butter* (organic farming CH-BIO-086 32% organic ingredients)

May contain traces of milk and nuts.