Krak Chocolade 55% dunkle Milchschokolade mit Walchholder und Kakao aus St. Vincent

Krak Chocolade Jeneverbes St. Vincent 55%

Krak Chocolade
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North of Venezuela and between the Caribbean islands of Granada and Barbados is the small island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The cocoa grows all over the island and is managed by the St. Vincent Cocoa Company. They cultivate 250 hectares of land and buy cocoa from around 100 farming families. The cocoa grows between corn, banana and ginger plants, in the shade of coconut and mahogany trees, and is fermented in a central location.

What's the story with Juniper? The berry-shaped cones are used to flavor gin, aquavit and benedictine. The drink gin takes its name from this plant. The name "Genever" comes from juniper.


Origin of chocolate factory: Netherlands
Origin of cocoa beans: St. Vincent a/t Grenadines
Flavor notes: Round, but at the same time fresh and fruity with citrus notes from the juniper berries.
Ingredients: cocoa beans, unrefined cane sugar, cocoa butter, juniper berries, milk powder
Cocoa content: 55%
Gluten free. Does not contain nuts. No soy.