La Flor Hacienda Limon Weisse Schokolade

La Flor Hacienda Limon 41%, WHITE, Ecuador, 70g

La Flor Zürich Chocolatier
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Cocoa butter from Hacienda Limon in Ecuador - a plantation at the foot of the Andes. The chocolate is rounded off by the unique "Vanilla Chamissonis" from Fazenda Vera Cruz from Brazil.

This variety of vanilla needs time to grow - the flowers of the “Vaniglia Chamissonis” are wider and longer than the flowers broadly known.

The result is an extravagant white chocolate with a subtle aniseed note of Chamissonis vanilla.


Origin chocolate maker: Zurich, Switzerland

Single Origin cocoa butter: Hacienda Limon, Ecuador

Flavor notes: Vanilla with subtleties of aniseed

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, sugar*, milk powder*, Vanilla Chamissonis. 

May contain traces of nuts.

* from organic-agriculture CH-BIO-86