Georgia Ramon 72% dunkle Schokolade mit Trinitario Kakao aus Panama

Georgia Ramon Panama 72% Organic

Georgia Ramon
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As the southernmost state in Central America, Panama connects North and South America. The land between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific narrows to a width of just 54 kilometres. The country is predominantly mountainous and forested. In the North and East to the Colombian border with tropical rainforest, on the Pacific coast with dry forest and savannah.

The cocoa beans originate from the Finca Quebrada Limon in the Bocas del Toro province. With a tart and nutty aroma, this chocolate is a special taste experience.

Origin chocolate maker: Bonn, Germany

Cocoa variety: Trinitario

Tasting notes: tart aromatic with nutty notes. Reminds of fresh tobacco

Ingredients: cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter

Cocoa content: min. 72%

Gluten free. Vegan. May contain traces of nuts of milk.