Georgia Ramon Madagascar Mava-Ottange Farm 70%

Georgia Ramon Madagascar Mava-Ottange Farm 70%

Georgia Ramon
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The African state of Madagascar is located off the east coast of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean and is the second largest island nation with an area of 587,295 square kilometers.

The Mava Plantation is one of the largest cocoa plantations in Madagascar and covers about 635 hectares, divided into eight different farms. Although the plantation is not yet certified organic, all cocoa trees are grown in a traditional agroforestry system in organic farming. Ottange Farm is the smallest of the eight farms and is located along the banks of the Ramena River. The annual production volume of the farm is approximately 6 tons

Cocoa Content: min. 70 %

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Raw cane sugar, Cocoa Butter

Origin cocoa beans: Ottange Farm, Madagascar

Kakaosorte: Trinitario

Flavor notes: Tropical citrus fruits, spices, honey. roasted nuts.

Roasting profile: light

Grinding: 72 hours

Conching: without

May contain traces of nuts or milk