Georgia Ramon 73% dunkle Schokolade mit Kakao aus Brasilien

Georgia Ramon Brazil 73% organic

Georgia Ramon
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A fine chocolate bar of aromatic Trinitario cocoa, from the Amazon of Brazil. The used cocoa brings out all the flavors of exotic fruits. Brazil can not only play divine football, it also has very tasty cocoa.

COOPOAM is a cooperative from the state of Pará east of the Amazon, which has merged with five other cooperatives to form the Cooperativa Central de Produção Orgânica na Transamazonica e Xingu - CEPOTX. A total of 95 farms and 150 producer families grow organic and Fairtrade certified cocoa on 1,125 hectares..

Origin chocolate maker: Bonn, Germany

Single Origin Cocoa Beans: COOPOAM, Brazil

Cocoa variety: Trinitario

Aroma profile: Red fruits, tropical fruits, honey, rum

Roasting: medium

Grind: 72 hours

Conching: without this processing step

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter

Gluten free, vegan

May contain traces of nuts and milk.