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  • Svenska Kakaobolaget Peru 72%
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Svenska Kakaobolaget

Svenska Kakaobolaget Peru 72%

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Ucayali River Cacao URC buys fresh cocoa beans from agricultural cooperatives in the Pucallpa and Tingo Maria areas of the Amazonian part of Peru. They are working with USAID to offer farmers an alternative way of growing.ieten.

The beans are fermented centrally before being slowly dried in the sun for six days. URC buys the beans for 10 more than the traditional price, giving farmers a higher income and less work at the same time..

Origin manufacturer: Sweden

Single Origin Cocoa Beans:Ucayali, Peru

Flavors:Rose, Lychee and Pink Pepper

Variety: Comun and Trinitario Clones, main crop 2017

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar.