Definite Chocolate 100% Schokolade mit Kakao aus Zorzal in der Doiminikanischen Republik

Definitely Chocolate Dom. Rep. Zorzal 100%

Definite Chocolate
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The Zorzal Reserve was established as the Dominican Republic's first private reserve to protect the Bicknell's Thrush - an endangered New England songbird. It is located in the Duarte Province.

When the Zorzal cocoa is harvested, it is put through a rigorous post-harvest process. The cocoa is fermented in wooden boxes for 6 days and then dried in the sun for 8 to 10 days. The highest quality requirements are met here. This creates a cocoa for a chocolate with an unsurpassable aroma and taste profile.

Origin manufacturer: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Single-estate cocoa beans: Zorzal, Dominican Republic

Flavors: Red fruits, black tea

Ingredients: Cocoa beans

Vegan, gluten free, lecithin free, soy free.

Direct Trade

Made in a factory that also processes nuts and milk