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Definite Chocolate

Definitely Chocolate Dom. Rep. Eco Caribe 80%

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Öko Caribe is a cocoa processor in Pimental in the Duarte Province, the largest cocoa growing region in the north of the Dominican Republic. Öko Caribe maintains close relationships with 150 smallholders, to whom it offers regular training on organic farming methods and certification. The farmers harvest the cocoa, open it, remove the pulp with the cocoa beans and bring them to Öko Caribe.

The cocoa is fermented in wooden boxes for 6 days and then dried in solar drying systems for 7 to 10 days.

Origin manufacturer: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Single-estate cocoa beans: Eco caribe, Dominican Republic

Flavors: Jasmine, chamomile, lemon

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cane sugar

Vegan, gluten free, lecithin free, soy free.

Direct Trade

Made in a factory that also processes nuts and milk