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Cielo dentro

Cielo dentro KAWAK dark chocolate from Chiapas Mexico 78%

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KAWAK is the Mayan symbol for thunder and storm, just like the constant downpours on the Hacienda Napaná in Mexico.

The KAWAK chocolate bar has a strong and intense taste made from a selection of high quality Trinitario cocoa beans. The main aromatic notes are red currants and fruits with a subtle floral finish. The cocoa beans originate from the Hacienda Napaná in Pichucalco, Chiapas, and are harvested by the Vila Contreras family. They own the plantation, on which they also grow many types of vegetables and fruits in an agroforestry system.

The KAWAK bar is pure chocolate indulgence that fells like Mexico.

Origin chocolate maker: Cuernavaca, Mexico

Single-Origin cocoa beans: Hacienda Napaná, Chiapas, Mexiko

Tasting notes: Red currant and red fruits with a subtle floral finish

Cocoa variety: Trinitario

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Muscovado sugar, Cocoa butter

May contain traces of milk and nuts

No soy

Direct Trade