Cacao Betulia B9 80%

Cacao Betulia B9 80% chocolate

Cacao Betulia
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Criollo is the premier class of cocoa beans. White in color, it turns into a dark chocolate which looks like milk chocolate.

This cocoa bean comes from Hacienda Betulia, a Swiss-Colombian family business that produces single-variety cocoa beans. The B9 variety is a refreshing cocoa with flavors of citrus fruits.

Origin chocolate maker: Co-produced with Zoto, Belgium
Single Origin cocoa beans: Colombia, Hacienda Betulia
Flavor notes: Fresh, ripe pineapples, exotic fruits, and develops various nuances as it melts
Ingredients: Cocoa Criollo Betulia B9 (80%), Organic-Sugar (20%)
Cooca content: min. 80%