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Cacao Betulia

Cacao Betulia B9 100% chocolate

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Without the usual bitterness of other varieties, the Criollo cocoa variety enables the production of unique products with a high percentage of cocoa, even 100% as in this chocolate bar.

The Hacienda run by the Swiss family, Cacao Betulia, integrates all the necessary elements of a modern, sustainable cocoa plantation, including scientific soil analysis, genetic testing of cocoa varieties, the use of sustainable agricultural practices and a sophisticated fermentation concept.

Origin chocolate maker: Adliswil, Switzerland (co-produced at Taucherli)
Single Origin cocoa beans: Hacienda Betulia, Antioquia, Colombia
Cocoa beans: Single-variety Criollo B9
Flavor notes: Spicy, milk, tangy, red grapes. Develop notes of pineapple.
Ingredients: 100% Cocoa beans Criollo Betulia B9
Cocoa content: 100%

Ideal for vegans


Made in a kitchen that also uses almonds and hazelnuts