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The small batch project

Bean to bar box - Swiss Edition

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We have hand-picked the finest chocolate bars from small, independent Swiss chocolate makers and put them together in our high quality Bean to Bar gift box.

Each chocolate bar was produced in small batches and the fine cacao being used brings us closer to the complexity of the taste of origin-specific cacao.

Included is:

  • Orfève from Geneva with Noir de Noir Bejofo 75%, with cacao beans from Madagascar (70g)
  • Taucherli from Adliswil near Zurich with cacao from Bali 70% (80g)
  • Garçoa from Wollishofen in Zurich with cacao beans from Idukki, India with nibs 78% (85g)
  • Cacao Betulia with high quality Criollo cacao beans from their own finca in Colombia 80% (40g)
  • Kürzi Kakao from Zurich with a fine mixture of Tanzania cacao (60%) and ground hazelnuts from Piedmont. (70g)
  • La Flor from Zurich Wiedikon with cocoa from Finca San Cayetano and Farina Bona from Ticino for a special taste like popcorn (30g)

Everything is presented in an elegant black magnetic box to reuse and refill. We also include our instructions for tasting chocolate and a long list of flavor notes you can find in chocolate. Ideal as a chocolate gift, employee present, birthday addition or other occasion.

Ingredients: cacao, sugar / raw cane sugar, cocoa butter and the last two chocolate bars contain ground hazelnuts from Piedmont and corn flour from Tessin respectively.