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Akesson's Madagascar Bejofo Estate 75%

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Bertil Åkesson's plantation is located in the Sambirano Valley in northern Madagascar and extends over 2000 hectares. His plantation is divided into smaller plantations such as Ambolikapiky. World-famous, aromatic, fine-flavored cacao has been growing here since 1920 and top chefs and chocolate makers use Åkesson's cocoa beans. In addition to 300 tons of Trinitario cacao, two tons of the high quality Criollo cocoa beans are harvested every year especially for craft chocolate production.

Manufacturer Manufacturer: Great Britain

Single-origin cocoa beans: Sambirano Valley, Madagascar

Cocoa variety: Criollo

Flavors: Pronounced cacao aroma with subtle fruity notes, citrus and red berries.

Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans at least 75, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, emulsifiertor

+/ - 60g