Privacy policy

We treat your data like the manufacturers of their chocolate - with a lot of love, trust and the best of intentions.

We are a very small startup and are dependent on various Internet services that enable this website as well as various advertising appearances.

Specifically, we use the following services on this website:

  • We use Shopify for hosting . Shopify does not use your data any further; your details are completely in our hands. Shopify stores your data - especially your address when you place an order - on their servers. You can read Shopify's GDPR guidelines here . Shopify also uses a cookie to enable technical details of this website. In addition to chocolate, there are also a few hidden cookies on our website.
  • We track website visitors with Google Analytics. We're not a big fan of it. However, this gives us an overview of whether anyone is visiting us at all.
  • We have also included icons from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on the website to draw attention to our social appearances. Each of these services usually track users.

Who do we share your data with?

  • With no one except the Swiss Post when sending chocolate.
  • If you also register for the newsletter, your name and email address will be shared with Mailchimp - a service for sending newsletters.

Thank you for your trust!