About me

Andrea Thurner Schweiz

I love chocolate. I eat them every day, alone, with family or friends; to cheer up, to concentrate or as pure enjoyment. There is no situation in which chocolate is inappropriate.

KakaofruchtBut I also love their most important ingredient: cocoa. I am fascinated by cocoa, its history, its environmental issues and ethnobotany. Today we as consumers are completely alienated from the mallow-like tropical fruit and its growing regions.
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I dream of a world in which we know again where the cocoa in our chocolate comes from, by whom it was grown and whether the rainforest was protected. A world in which it is natural to write the variety, the year of harvest or the fermentation protocol on the packaging. The culture of the growing region should flow into the product. Like the author of a book, the chocolate maker should master her personal style and craftsmanship from the bean to the bar (“bean-to-bar”). They should be together with cocoa farmers are working on a new taste experience. Chocolate shouldn't be standardized. It can be complex. It can have corners and edges. It can change depending on the weather and harvest. She should send me on a trip. It should inspire me by the art on the packaging, the aesthetics of the table and the variety in taste right down to the last bite.


I have come to the conclusion that this is only possible with production in small batches or, in English, a “small batch” process. This is the only way we can preserve origin, individuality and personality.

I founded « the small batch project » in order to know independent chocolate manufacturers from all over the world to learn to test their chocolate and to present those projects that are carried out with heart and soul. We need more everyday heroes again who can build bridges to the global south and connect with it.

I would be very happy if you would accompany me on this trip.

Andrea Thurner

Certified Chocolate Taster

MSc Environmental Management