Team Events with Bean to Bar Chocolate

Please note: We are currently unable to hold events on site. Therefore we have flexible online events tailored for your perfect team building needs. Today, we can start planning on-site events a few months out. We are sure it'll be safe to do so again.

On-site, we also have more options, especially crafting chocolate from cocoa beans to chocolate together with you, that is, creating the chocolate from the bean to the finished bar.

Get to know Bean to Bar Chocolate

We adapt the event on site to your number of participants, duration, budget and interests. As an inspiration we are tailoring events around the following options.

Use your creativity and experience chocolate based on «Taste With Color»®

Taste with colourCan you precisely assign flavor notes and name tasting profiles? Whether with wine, coffee or another drink? Get to know this in the creative way and immerse yourself in the world of taste sensorics! In this event we will taste a selection of award-winning bean to bar chocolates with cocoa from different areas of origin and production methods. With the help of the colorful aroma map, we learn to recognize falvor notes like a gourmand. With a little practice, you can find more than 100 flavor notes in your chocolate.

Technical chocolate tasting with IICCT

IICCT Geschmacksprofil für Schokolade

We introduce you to the scientific method of the IICCT, the result of research how our brain assigns the taste of cocoa. Get to know details and immerse yourself in the world of taste sensor with a technical approach! In this event we are tasting a selection of award-winning bean to bar chocolates with cocoa from different areas of origin and manufacturing processes. With the support of the IICCT's taste profile card we learn to recognize taste notes like a gourmand. With a little practice, you can find more than 100 flavors in your chocolate.

Chocolate-tasting and experience for children (4+ years old)

Ideal for a birthday party or as an event in a school or kindergarten, the children learn about the origins of cocoa and the production of chocolate. The children will select and peel cocoa beans and of course taste them too. They experience different taste in dark chocolate and will use their creativity to express tasting notes with colorful paintings. And be surprised how much the children can be enthusiastic about 70% dark chocolate and roasted, raw cocoa beans.

Craft your own chocolate from bean to bar

chocolate making
From the cocoa beans to the finished chocolate bar: We roll up our seleves and go through the individual steps of creating a finished chocolate bar in a relaxed atmosphere. We use our hands, we use low-cost equipment such as hair dryers, blenders and vacuum cleaners. And we base it on traditional "technology" such as a Metate. An interactive workshop over several hours where everyone will need to bring the full energy. If you have less time, discuss with us how we can create a similar experience with less effort, for example to focus on roasting and tasting cocoa beans only.

Chocolate paring with Sake and more

chocolate pairingWe create new worlds of taste by pairing chocolate with sake, beer, wine, whiskey or any other specialty drink or food. We specialize in working with Arline Lyons from Taste Translation and put together suitable pairings of chocolate and sake, in-depth knowledge of both topics, and a completely new tasting experience for both, chocolate and sake. The time when the sum of 1+1 is truly more than 2. For other pairings, our experience ranges from beer to rum and whiskey in collaboration with The International in Zurich. We are open to offer new experiences together with your sommelier, or to simply experiment live with you in a workshop. You bring the drinks, we the chocolate. And knowledge, experience and taste gets shared.

Theme nights or team building workshop with chocolate

KakaobohneChocolate tastings can be designed very well as a theme night or be part of a team building exercise, embedded in your event or as a dedicated event according to your interests. Examples are a round trip through Mexico (the country I grew up in) or Colombia (our chocolate trip from 2019) with the matching chocolate, stories and pictures. Or topics such as women in cocoa and chocolate production. Drug policy and cocoa, especially in Colombia and Mexico. Or environmental issues such as the conservation of the rainforest. Many complex issues are easier to digest while eating good chocolate.

Book your bean to bar chocolate event

Read through the offers and contact me with your ideas and details about the event. With a few emails back and forth and a phone conversation, we will quickly find the right one for you - whether it's a small and short event or a half-day workshop - there are no limits to the ideas.

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