Online Chocolate Tastings via Video Conference

In times of home office, social distancing and travel restrictions, it is not easy to experience something together. Therefore, I am offering online events that start right here. To travel the world - even if only virtually.
Travel the world with chocolate

Travel with chocolate: Around the world

I, Andrea Thurner, Certified Chocolate Taster and founder of “the small batch project”, take you on a virtual chocolate journey. Together we taste dark, handcrafted chocolate from all over the world. In each country we learn something about small artisanal chocolate manufacturers, the culture and history that this country associates with chocolate, as well as a lot of interesting facts about the complex taste of high-quality, fine flavored cocoa with a large variety of its taste.

Each participant will receive a parcel in the mail with about one to two weeks before the event. Our do-it-yourself chocolate tasting set, adjusted for your event. This will then be opened at the event (important: do not eat beforehand - you don't like spoiler alerts, don't you?).

This event is ideal as a team event for companies or for clubs, friends and families who are looking for activities suitable for corona, such as activities during virtual birthday parties.

Options for online chocolate tasting events

You can choose between two approaches. A more technical approach, following the International Institute for Cacao and Chocolate Tasting (IICCT), or our creative tasting by using the colorful aroma map «Taste With Colour».

Chocolate tasting with IICCT

IICT Flavour Wheel

Immerse yourself in the world of your senses! We taste a selection of award-winning bean to bar chocolates with cocoa from different areas of origin and chocolate crafting processes and, with the help of an aroma map, learn to recognize taste notes like a gourmand. With a little practice, you can find more than 100 flavor notes in your chocolate.

Chocolate Tasting with «Taste With Colour»®

Taste with colour
  • The main elements of this workshop are the same as when following the technical approach of the IICCT.
  • The colorful tasting map hints towards creativity and discovery instead of technical details.
  • Each participant also gets a watercolor set and the original "Taste with Colour" map as part of their chocolate tasting delivery.
  • We will aim to use Synesthesia to combine two senses - taste and see.
  • Most importantly, we will taste bean to bar chocolate with vastly different flavor profiles and will use our creativity to express the tasting experience by painting instead of trying to find the perfect word.
  • This exercise might sound ridiculous or childish initially. But it allows us to express the abstract wording to describe taste more nuanced than any single word could ever do. In short, a picture is worth a 1000 words.
  • Nice side-effect: Each participant has something to do hands-on while tasting chocolate, allowing for a relaxed athmosphere. This might be ideal for a more casual team event.

Organizational details

Language: German or English (upon request also in Spanish).

Video Conference: We support this event via Zoom, Microsoft Teams oder Google Meets. For company events we recommend to have this setup by the company itself and we join based on their setup. This guarantees that technology will not be in the way to participate.

Length of the event: Recommended is 1h - 1:15h.

International participants: We need about 3-4 weeks after full confirmation of the event to ensure the packages are received by everyone. So far, we have experience with international, distributed teams in Europe, the USA and also selectively with team members from India.


The costs are calculated individually depending on your wishes, special requests and the actual value of the chocolate bars selected. The list below is a guide so you have a rough understanding already before discussing details.

If the online tasting has participants in Switzerland only, the price range is between CHF 35 - CHF 80. It depends on the choosen method, the number of chocolate samples or complete chocolate bars and an optional gift for remembering the event.

The total price of about 35 - 80 CHF contains the following:

  • Costs for the event: 25 - 35 CHF per participant.
  • Chocolate (complete chocolate bars): Value of chocolate (prices following our online shop).
  • Chocolate samples for the event: CHF 15 per person for 5 chocolate samples and samples of 2 different varieties of pre-roasted, raw cocoa beans.
  • "Taste with Colour" map and watercolor set: CHF 20 per person.
  • Gift or gift card: Optional craft chocolate bars for the time after the event or simply to say thank you to the participants, or a gift card from our online shop. Both following the list price from our online shop.

Book your private event online

Write us with your details, the number of participants, the preferred date(s), individual wishes and budget. With a few emails and a phone conversation, we will quickly find the right option for your private and personal event.

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