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"We had an Easter tasting via Zoom. Cool! The chocolate was delivered the week before and we were happy in a group of almost twenty people: A presentation that took us through different continents, introduced us to the plant and the cocoa fruit, explained how chocolate is actually made, how we can check sustainability and how to taste chocolate. An informative presentation by Andrea and a very enjoyable tasting. Everything is worth it, not just the chocolate! 💖👏👏👏👏👏👏💖 "Renata V.

Thank you for the new black and white chocolate 😊 It is exceptionally fine, and it was very attentive to write to me personally. I really enjoyed refining my own perception with your impressions. It's great fun and I'm looking forward to more chocolates! Cedric D.

"I really enjoyed testing chocolate. I learned a lot from it! I also really enjoyed dark chocolate, which I haven't had before. Lies probably due to the fact that the cocoa in our chocolate is often roasted too strongly. I have already recommended your event to others. :-) I would like to order chocolate from you. How does it work? " Ursula W.

"We not only enjoyed the chocolate trip, but also found it extremely exciting! We don't really have any critical points to make. Perhaps this idea: Maybe you could Mark the appropriate zone for the individual tasting chocolates on the taste map? " Stefan S.

"The chocolate journey gave me valuable insights and information. Anyone who wants to know something about the real qualities of chocolate is well served with your tour. My pressure "Just being able to taste a lot and differentiated" soon faded away. I never would have thought that I would really like the high percentage cocoa content of the Schoggi's. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what you could improve, I liked it and sensitizes me to be more aware of what I “eat”. Theresa S.

"I really enjoyed the online chocolate trip. She met my expectations in everything. Thanks a lot for this! I will recommend you to others. I think that's really something that Corona is suitable and fun. I am happy to immerse myself in your rich chocolate knowledge on other occasions. "Pia V.

" I found the chocolate tasting very interesting. I forwarded your link. I'll enjoy the rest of the chocolate and then order it again. The one from Peru is my favorite. "Irene