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Monica Palato

After completing her training in "haute cuisine" in the USA and Argentina, Monica Pedemonte founded Palato in 2007 in Honduras.

Initially, Palato was intended as a catering service for private or corporate customers. But "Chef Moni" always felt connected to local cocoa beans.

Her passion for high quality cuisine and cacao beans made her find the way directly to the “Bean to Bar” movement.

She is proud that she uses cocoa from small family businesses in the “La Mosquitia” region in Honduras and manufactures them into high-quality chocolate bars. The cocoa variety found in this region is called "Mayan Red", an old indigenous and very aromatic variety. Projects like Palato ensure this rare cacao bean is saved from extinction.

In addition her love for fine food, Moni also repeatedly emphasizes how important it is to show the world that "100% made in Honduras" can be of very high quality.

One speciality of her chocolate bars: She doesn't use cocoa butter. Therefore, the melting of the chocolate takes a little longer compared to other conventional chocolate, resulting in an authentic taste.

For additional context, watch this nice 2 minute long video telling the story of Palato.

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