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Collection: Maraná Craft Chocolate

There is a place called Peru, here it is possible to sail through the long rivers of the Amazon, climb 3,500 m high snow mountains in the Andes and enjoy a sunset on the Pacific Ocean. From these three regions: San Martin, Cusco and Piura, Maraná takes the best Peruvian cocoa beans and lets us enjoy Peru in a new and extraordinary way.

Maraná is a Peruvian company that produces bean to bar chocolate in Peru. Maraná works long-term with the farmers from these regions. You have not only committed to paying fair prices, but by means of knowledge transfer you help the farmers to increase their fermentation and drying quality and thus help to achieve higher prices for the cocoa.

Gourmet cocoa is very important for Peru. For many years the cultivation of the coca plant was the only source of income for farmers until a successful government program was introduced in the 1990s. Here the farmers were shown how they can plant gourmet cocoa as an alternative. Since then, not only has the life of the farmers changed, but that of an entire country.

All products are certified organic and have won various prizes at the International Chocolate Awards; in the Americas competition but also internationally.

If you prefer a light citrus note, I recommend Piura, Cusco is slightly nutty and San Martin is wonderfully flowery.

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