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Cielo Dentro Chocolate: Fernando Galvan

This is Fernando Galván. He's a trained chef with a focus on confectionery. His love for chocolate, Mexico and its culture led him to found Cielo Dentro Chocolate and produce bean to bar chocolate directly in Mexico.

Variety of cocoa beans

Fernando gives us the opportunity to get to know three different places of single-origin cacao beans in Mexico and four different varieties of cacao beans through his chocolate bars:

  • Trinitario and Criollo cocoa beans from the Hacienda la Victoria in Paraiso in the state of Tabasco, Mexico.
  • Old white cocoa variety from the Old Hacienda San Antonio el Cocoal in the state of Chiapas, Mexico
  • White Porcelana / Criollo Cocoa Bean from Finca la Rioja in the state of Chiapas, Mexico
  • "El Vado" Trinitario cocoa beans processed in the Finca la Rioja in the state of Chiapas , Mexico

Packaging and taste

The extraordinary finesse and complexity of the taste can hardly be surpassed. Since Fernando is based in Mexico, the exchange with the fincas is intensive and the roasting profiles can be perfectly adapted to each cocoa variety.

The attention to detail in the packaging, the inclusion of elements from the Mayan culture and the high quality of the cocoa make this chocolate a little piece of art and a special taste experience.

We are so excited about this chocolate that we helped Fernando to translate all of his packaging into German so that this chocolate can also be enjoyed in Switzerland.

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