Schokolade als Geschenkidee zum Valentinstag 2021

Chocolate as a gift idea for Valentine's Day 2021

February 14, 2021 will be a different Valentine's Day for many than in other years. Many have been at home for months and rather wanted a big party instead of another night at home. Parents with children are stuck at home instead of heading to a restaurant or visit friends. And yet... again this year most of the people would like to give appropriate attention.

Is chocolate a sustainable gift idea?

A sustainable gift for Valentine's Day 2021 is bean to bar chocolate from small, craft chocolate makers.

Bean to Bar Schokolade supports the small businesses: the small cocoa farmers who specialize in fine cocoa, the direct trade between them and the chocolate maker, social and ecological projects on site in the country of origin of the cocoa, small chocolate manufacturers from Switzerland and around the world, and also those like me who, as a certified chocolate taster, compile the best selections for Switzerland.

And for you? You will get an introduction to completely new tastes that fine cocoa can offer, in contrast to industrial chocolate.

Top 5 chocolate gift ideas for Valentine's Day

We have a large, constantly adapting selection in our online shop. To make it easy for you, here are the top 5 ideas:

By choosing to order chocolate here as a present for Valentine's Day, you are supporting my "one-women-show". And many small chocolate makers and cocoa producers. Many Thanks!