Taza Chocolate bars

Tazas shop embraces color and spreads happiness

Taza Chocolate Shop in Boston

This shop makes my half Mexican heart leap. Even though it’s from Boston/Sommerville, US. I love that Taza chocolates dare to be different, colorful, and a bit heartfully chaotic. This is the opposite of the most elegant and posh chocolate shops. What I find interesting is that the shop appearance creates different thoughts and conversations among visitors. While the elegant type gives all the ahh! and oohs! to the Confiseur. The folkloric one induces you to talk about the providence of cacao, its ancient traditions, and customs. The shop visuals are crucial for valuing all elements within the value chain. Besides that, there are many studies that agree that colors do make us happy.

Taza is famous for its unrefined stone-ground Mexican style hot chocolate drinks. I loved my sons' comment when he first tasted it. It just shot out of his mouth: “gunpowder”. Yes, this is not the typical sleek and shiny chocolate experience we are used to, but it is so great to be surprised!