Short interview with Greg D'Allesandre from Dandelion Chocolate

During Chocoa, one of the biggest Cocoa and Chocolate festivals, I had the amazing opportunity to meet and chat with Greg D'Allesandre Chief Sourcer at Dandelion Chocolate from San Francisco who by the way also wrote a wonderful book about their work. 

He is one of the pioneers of the chocolate makers movement and travels year-round to establish long term and sustainable relationships with cocoa producers around the world. He is also a fierce advocate of transparent and direct trade.  I think it is no overstatement to say that their sourcing report is one of the most transparent in the world. At least here in Switzerland, there is no chocolate company that publishes the prices paid for every single bag of cacao purchased. This is for me leading by example. 

Every bar they have in their collection is a single origin with a special story be it a social, biodiversity or conservation project. All made at 70% cacao for us to learn to distinguish the special flavors of each region. No cacao butter and of course no additives.