Heisse Schokolade zu Allerheiligen herstellen

Making hot chocolate for the day of the death

hot chocolate for day of the death

This is the day in which we Mexicans remember our loved deceased ones. It is more than that, their spirits come and visit us, and we share their favorite meals, drinks, and stories.

This day is all about bringing up old memories. We bring together the pictures of everyone who has died, and then we decide which meal we will cook. I use the day to tell my kids the adventures of my grandparents or friends who are not with us anymore.

Today we remembered my grandfather who traveled from Vienna to Mexico by boat in 1956 to become a chocolate maker at la Colonial, a long-forgotten Chocolate Company in Mexico City.

I took time to chop up some fine chocolate, slowly melt it with water and then add a bit of cream, but of course, you can use milk or yummy oat milk as well. You can also add spices like cinnamon, cardamon, or chili. Then you must stir with a hand-carved molinillo until your hands hurt and a bot more.

You have to know that making hot chocolate Mexican style is all about the foam!!

“The hot chocolate is for the body, but the foam is for the soul” they say

Ancient cultures believed that the vital force of the wind god, was present in everything, the foam of chocolate would capture this force.

The day of the death is also so highly venerated because it reminds us mortals, that death is just around the corner, so we should appreciate the time we have here while it lasts.

This hot chocolate is made with stone-ground chocolate de mesa directly from Finca la Rioja, Mexico

But notice that you can chop up nearly any chocolate and make it into hot chocolate. The higher the quality of your chocolate the finer and more nourishing the cacao will be. If you make it highly concentrated it is also a great way to capture tasting notes and the theobromine will surely make you happy.