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Kürzi Kakao female chocolate maker from Zürich, Switzerland

Britta Kürzi from Kürzi Kakao

This is Britta Kürzi. She left her home country USA and followed romance to Switzerland. Here she realized her dream in 2018 and opened an exclusive chocolate factory. Her passion is creating special tasting experiences with her chocolate bars. She processes all bars by hand, from cocoa beans to the finished chocolate bars. All of their ingredients are purely vegan and are carefully selected according to the highest quality and ethical standards.

Kürzi Kakao cocoa chocolate bar Britta currently only uses cocoa from the Cooperative Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania, a cocoa that contains beautifully balanced fruity notes. It is mild, not bitter and it creates a light, pleasant fruit acidity. There are 3 variants of her chocolate bars: pure 72% dark chocolate, mixed with coconut or with hazelnuts.

Kokoa Kamili only works with the highest quality cocoa beans, mainly the Trinitario variety. Kokoa Kamili is based in a small town in Mbingu in the Kilomberotal, on the edge of a mountain range and the savannah. The cocoa is typically fermented for six days, inverted on days three and five. The beans are later dried in the sun.

Kokoa Kamili buys the freshly harvested cocoa beans at a higher price than usual and thus ensures uniform results through central fermentation. For farmers this means less work and at the same time a better income.

Kürzi Kakao HazelnutKürzi Kakao Tanzania 72% dark chocolateKürzi Kakao Tanzania