100% Schokolade

Happy Wintersolstice!

Wintersolstice Chocolate tasting 100% dark

We leaned into the longest night of the year with a private tasting of four 100% dark chocolate bars. None of them is for the faint-hearted. 

Taucherli Bean to bar 100% GhanaTaucherli from Switzerland using beans from Ghana. This bar spends 98 hours in the conche to develop the most astonishing tasting notes- coco and vanilla and yes it is  #darklikeyoursoul


Zart Pralininen La Dalia Tenor 100%Zart Pralinen from Austria with La Dalia Tenor from Nicaragua has beautiful tasting notes of orange and red wine and I appreciate the bit of cacao butter for a softer melt. This bar won several awards this year: Silver at the European and bronze at the World International Chocolate Awards. They also won gold in special recognition for the best directly traded bean to bar.


Svenska Kakaobolaget DarknessThe Swedish Svenska Kakaobolaget Darkness is pure 100% beans from Tanzania. High acidity meets dried fruit after notes. The melt is soft even though there is no added cacao butter. This bar won bronze at the European level of the international chocolate awards in 2018 for the category high percentage plain/origin dark chocolate bars (85% and over). 


Chocolates BaureChocolates Baure from Bolivia with 100% wild cocoa– they work together with indigenous communities to collect the cacao in the rainforest, giving the villagers income, without harming the environment. After sending all their cacao for export, they have also started to do their own chocolate. They also don’t add cacao butter, acidity is much lower and texture is miles apart from the first.

100% dark chocolate is not for everyone as many of us are so used to the sugar in the chocolate. However, it is a unique way to discover the diversity of cacao in its purest form and to train our taste buds by freeing them from standardization.

For sure good companions for this winter. Maybe next time I will pair them with  whiskey and for sure coffee.

Of course, all of them are single origin bean to bar chocolate produced in small batches.

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Wintersolstice dark chocolate tasting