Academy of Chocolate Awards

Academy of Chocolate Awards Winner 2020

academy of chocolate award winner

Every year, the Academy of Chocolate (AoC) awards many international top chocolate makers. In multiple categories, they grant the gold, silver or bronce certificate. This is highly seeked by chocolate makers and is a trusted label for the finest cocoa crafted into world-class chocolate. Never before, so many chocolate makers were awarded gold. A sign of the continous increase in quality across the small batch, craft chocolate scene, accroding to the AoC in their respective blog entry, commenting the awards 2020.

Criteria of the Academy of Chocolate

The AoC awards chocolates following these criteria:

  • Containing no vegetable fat other than cocoa butter With a minimum cocoa content of: Dark 60%; Milk 30%; White 30% (cocoa butter).
  • Where the quality, provenance and treatment of the cocoa beans have been considered
  • Containing no artificial additives such as vanillin, flavourings, colourings, preservatives, etc.

Awards at the Academy of Chocolate

The list of awards on the AoC Webseite is long. We offer a short summary with a focus on Swiss craft chocolate makers and a small selection of international winners with whom we've longstanding relationships.

  • Taucherli was awarded gold in "Dark Bean to Bar" with their chocolate bar Colombia B9.
  • Cielo Dentro Chocolate won Gold with Balam 78%. We're very proud of this award, since we do direct trade with them, and collaborate more deeply, for example by translating all their packaging into German.
  • Krak Chocolade was awarded with Silver in "Dark Bean to Bar" with Filipijnen Kablon Farm and Madagascar Mava Ottange.
  • Åkessons's Organic was awarded Gold in category "Dark Bean to Bar" with their own cocoa from their Bejofo Estate in Madagascar with their 72% dark chocolate bar. Åkessons's was awarded 5 additional awards in silver and one in bronze.
  • Definite Chocolate was awarded bronze for their 70% Öko Caribe, 80% Öko Caribe und 100% Zorzal chocolate bars in the "pure" categories, and silver with 70% Öko Caribe Casabe and 65% Coffee and Sea Salt.
  • Soklet was awarded bronze with their 100% and 70% dark chocolate bars from their own cocoa, and additionally silver and bronze with their flavored chocolate bar Candied Ginger.
  • Choba Choba was awarded Gold in "Dark Bean to Bar" with Juveli - Pure Dark Swiss Chocolate 64% and with silver for Alicia - Pure Dark Swiss Chocolate 71%. With Rosario - Pure Dark Swiss Chocolate 71% with Sea Salt silver and Gold with Isabel Pure Dark Swiss Chocolate 58% with Blood Orange and bronze with Pasiona Pure Dark Swiss Chocolate 64% with Strawberry and Jalapeño in flavored chocolate categories.

Nominated and honorably mentioned

Congratulations to all participants and especially those who were awarded gold, silver or bronze!