April 10: Chocolate Festival "Ehrundredlich"

NEW: Chocolate Festival "Ehrundredlich": April 10, 2022, in DasProvisorium in Zurich

We are particularly pleased to be able to eventually announce that we are organizing a chocolate festival before this year's Easter 2022; rather spontaneous, small and uncomplicated instead of large, multi-layered and densely designed, as planned two years ago. We will collaborate with «DasProvisorium» as our collaboration partner. We will show we will show a generation of care-taking cacao and chocolate producders, they'll tell their stories, tell the stories of the connections they made, and last but not least give us a taste of their products. Taste and sustainability combined.

Chocolate market, workshops, chocolate talks, finest craft chocolate - everythin offered on the 10th of April 2022 from 11:00 – 17:00 in DasProvisorium. The event is organized by the Good Chocolate Hub. You can find more at their website at the Good Chocolate Hub.