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    We find the best dark chocolate bars for you. Ideal for any present. Vegan on request.


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    Finest bean to bar chocolate bars, each from one region, selected by us for you, presented in an elegant magnetic box.

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  • forest, rain-forest, chocolate forest

    Ein Workshop über Schokoladenwälder und wie wir diese finden

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  • Einführung in Craft Schokolade

    Eine Schokoladenreise einmal um die Welt

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  • Schokoladenkultur und Geschichte

    Wir blicken über unseren eigenen Tellerrand und lernen die Welt von einer anderen Seite kennen

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We know the origins of our cacao

We search for craft chocolate makers who produce their chocolate in small batches using cacao beans from a single origin.

Learn more about tasting notes in fine flavored cacao and the chocolate bars at IICCT tasting notes

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