Portrait von Paula Hromkovicova

Stellung weiblicher Kakaobäuerinnen in der westlichen Region Ugandas

Latitude trade companyYesterday I had a great afternoon with Paula, who just came back from visiting @latitudetradeco an amazing made at origin #beantobarchocolate and cacao project in #Uganga.
I met Paula last year as she was planning her dissertation for her Masters in Environment and Natural Resources Studies from @zhaw.lebensmittel . The topic she chose was a social analysis of the life of women in cacao farming. Finding the right project especially during Corona was certainly no easy feat.
Jeff from Latitude Craft Chocolate gave Paula the opportunity to visit his chocolate factory but mostly to stay close to the farms for 10 weeks and to research locally the farmers livelihoods with a special focus on the impact of #directtrade on women.
Paula is now finally back and brought me some bars which are made at origin with cacao from the Semuliki forest. It is a fine bar, sweet cocoa notes which turn into a nice fruity notes, it reminded me of banana bread and sweet orange. (If you want to try them, we have some that can be ordered here)
And while we shared the chocolate, Paula told me of her experience in Uganda. At first there was pure shock, which I guess is common for any of us westerners when we first travel to a country which has such a different socio-economic standing than our country. Which makes one realize how little we are connected to the countries that produce all the tropical food that we consume. However the conversation also quickly turned to the other surprises she encountered in her journey the warm welcome of the people and the openness encountered. The chosen project is also very interesting as nearly half of all registered farmers are women!
If you want to know more about Paulas journey you can go here
I’m looking forward to read her full dissertation and to see to which recommendations she will come up with in order to support #womenincacao #womaninchocolate
Thank you so much for sharing Paula
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