Discovering Vietnamese Chocolate

Discovering Vietnamese Chocolate

Stone Hill Tree to bar chocolate

Stone Hill is a Vietnamese handcrafted tree to bar chocolate. This means the chocolate maker owns his own cacao plantation. The packaging is stunning with its watercolor leaves and golden letters and the taste is well balanced with low acidity and it develops nutty and earthy tasting notes that are very typical for Vietnam.

I was a bit worried to bring it back to Switzerland as the taste is very distinct and I couldn’t find much information about them besides their website. However, during a first tasting here, people were very pleasantly surprised how different chocolate can taste. I love to see people smiles when they first realize that they have just embarked into a different chocolate journey and that they may like it😊

I met the Chocolate Maker Loc Pham for the first time at the Salon du Chocolate back in early November. I was not only impressed by their chocolate but above all about their strength and clear will to present their chocolate to the world by taking on 3 Chocolate Fairs in less than a month while bringing along their 1.5-year-old baby. 

Loc Pham Stone Hill & Andrea Thurner The small batch project