Dick Taylor one of the most beautiful bars

Dick Taylor chocolate bars

I had seen many pictures of this wonderfully crafted bar, but only now I have been able to get some for me. I never thought that any purchased bar could hold to the standard of the beautiful pictures. But it does. It is like a little piece of art! The diamond-shaped forms in the bar are only possible due to a perfectly well-tempered chocolate and a lot of hard work 😊. All bars are from direct trade, that means that they buy the beans directly from the Farm or Finca and even better, they publish all prices paid on their website. So, you do not only have a wonderfully hand-crafted bar but you also know where it comes from and that the farmers are receiving a price that is 3 to 4 times above fair prices. All happy chocolate.

Dick Taylor Chocolate is from California and uses 2 ingredients only (single origin cacao and cane sugar) for all of their dark chocolate bars. No Vanilla, no additional cocoa butter or emulsifier, capturing and highlighting all the subtle flavor nuances.