Changing your career and becomming a chocolate maker is possible

Svenska Kakaoboulaget chocolate bars

It was nice talking to Fredrik from Svenska Kakaoboulaget (the Swedish Cacao Company) who explained to me that this image is how he saw the cacao plantations of Sri Lanka while walking through them. He designed all the packages for his bars himself using the colors which are present in the countries from which he sources his cacao.

Fredrik gives me and everyone who would like to make a radical career change hope. In 2013 he left his job as an industrial designer, bought together with his wife Ulrike an old 19th-century red brick school in the countryside and transformed it into a cacao factory. Now he is already presenting his chocolate at probably the biggest chocolate fair in the world!

They make wonderful single origin chocolate with cacao and sugar only, that lets you grasp the different tasting notes of each region (Sri Lanka: herbs, oriental spices, black tea, and wood / Honduras: Hazelnuts, créme caramel, fudge / Peru: Roses, litchi fruit, pepper). Thanks, Frederik, was wonderful to chat with you!

Find Frederik's chocolate here.