Tasting with Colour - company event

Tasting with Colour - company event

Taste with colour Map

Taste with Colour  is a Chocolate Flavour Tasting Map from Hazel Lee which I used at a private company event in Winterthur. It helps to show people the complexity of cacao tasting notes.

It all started very neatly:

We tasted two different valleys in Peru: Cuzco and  Piura by award-winning Marana Chocolate from Peru and discovered nutty and fruity tasting notes. Then we moved to Stone Hill a tree to bar chocolate maker from Vietnam with its remarkable earthy and nutty flavors

Dandelion from the US with beans from the bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic from Zorzal Communitarionwith its complex tasting structure bringing up tannic, dark red fruits and some herbal notes. We ended with 4 different takes on the Sambriano Valley in Madagascar. This single origin is widely known for its Orange, Citrus and in general fruity notes. We also found raspberries, peanuts, and raisins. We compared Dicktaylor vs Ritual from the US vs Rozsavolgicsokolade from Budapest vs German Coppeneur. Perfect example how 4 different chocolate maker are able to create and extract different tasting notes using the same origin of the beans and the same ingredients: cacao beans, sugar, and some adding cacao butter.

Madagascar single origin chocolates

I was convinced that I had completely overwhelmed my guests with the amount of chocolate offered, but somehow we started talking about 100% dark chocolate so we moved to an unplanned tasting of 4 great chocolate makers Taucherlo with its 100% Ghana bar, Zart Pralinen with La Dalia Tenor (Austrian with beans from Nicaragua), Svenska Kakaobolaget with Darkness (Sweden with beans from Tanzania) and Chocolates Baure with their 100% wild cocoa from Bolivia.🍫🍫 One time around the globe in pure chocolate bliss 😍😍🤗 I was really happy to start the year spreading some #cacaolove, big thanks to @hazellee for her great tasting map, really helped to visualize the amazing diversity of cacao and of course big thanks to the guests and hosts.


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