small batch

 bean to bar chocolate from around the world

Behind each of our fine cacao bars there is a story we believe in

Over 200 Chocolate Makers in the US

Worldwide there are many more. How many do you know? We travel the world to select the best chocolate maker and bring them to you. For this we do not only consider great taste, but their social and environmental engagement. Read more...

Small is beautiful

Only through small batches it is possible to explore the uniqueness of flavor in cacao. Just like wine, cacao has terroir which means that each region gives the cacao a distinct flavor. Learn more...

Go on a Chocolate trip around the world for Christmas

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Discover some of our chocolate makers origins

We believe in small producers

We only source

* small and micro batch production

* independent chocolate maker

* bean or tree to bar

* directly traded

* single origin

* special story

* craft chocolate

* high environmental and social commitment

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craft bean to bar only

We believe

We believe that there is a better way to produce chocolate. One in which independent craft chocolate makers engage directly with cacao farmers to create the best flavors of each region. One in which chocolate makers as well as farmers are respected. One in which the high biodiversity of the land is embraced. Our passion is to connect you to this new chocolate experience.

We only feature Chocolate Maker who own and control the craft to make their chocolate from bean to bar. This is, they source their cacao beans via direct trade or even own a cacao plantation, understand the fermentation process, roast, crack any winnow, grind, conch and temper their own bars.

We ship within Switzerland only